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45th International Conference
on Coordination Chemistry

July 28 – Aug 3 2024

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, USA

The 2024 ICCC aims to bring together the leading minds in coordination chemistry to address global changes related to health, energy, catalysis, the environment, and fundamental science.

We extend a warm welcome to the vibrant and diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives of the global coordination chemistry community.

Introduction from the Chair

Themes of Coordination Chemistry

The Intersections of
Coordination Chemistry,
Biology, and Medicine

Materials Chemistry
the Lens of Coordination

Unravelling the Mysteries
and Applications
of Heavy-elements (4f, 5f)

Coordination Chemistry
Solutions to Global Challenges
in Energy and Sustainability

3D-Coordination Networks,
and Organometallic Compounds

Current and Future Visions
in Coordination Chemistry